Race Registration

NYCRUNS.com and HVRUNS.COM are where runners go to find races in the New York Metropolitan Area. Where else would you want to do online registration? Here are some things people like to know (and need to know!) about the service.

How Much Does It Cost?
Race registration costs $2.50 per registration for races that cost $25. or less. For races that cost more than $25. a percentage is charged. We charge considerably less then active.com and will happily provide a comparison. We honestly believe the service provides great value and that’s before you factor in the massive free promotion we deliver for client races via the site, mailing list, and social media.

What’s This No-Fee Thing?
Some sites encourage race directors to charge whatever it is they want to charge for races and then that site tacks on a fee which the runner pays – much like buying a ticket. If you’ve used a site like this or just purchased a ticket from Ticketmaster, take a moment and think about how that makes you feel towards the business charging the fee. Fees are adversarial and no one likes them. It would do us – and by extension our client races – a disservice to mimic this practice – so, we don’t.

Will More People Run Our Race If We Use NYCRUNS and HVRUNS?
Quite possibly. We don’t know of any race that hasn’t grown since switching to us.  We’re also not too shy about telling our clients if we think they are doing something that won’t work or harms the race. We want your race to grow as much as you do.

Are Financial Transactions Secure?
Of course. NYCRUNS.com and HVRUNS.COM use industry proven SSL technology to process transactions through our merchant services system. We also don’t store credit card data and never have access to it. To date, we have processed over 50,000 registrations without a single security issue.

How Do Race Directors Get Paid?
We issue payment twice monthly to race registration clients. We provide a detailed registration report along with each payment.

What About Refunds?
We abide by an industry standard no refunds policy. We do not want to be the arbiter of what is and is not a valid reason to cancel a registration, nor can we reasonably be. It is important to us to be as fair as possible to all runners. Race directors are free to issue refunds at their own discretion.

Does Anyone Have To Join To Register For A Race?
Nope. However, they are encouraged to create an account. This allows users to easily access their registration record.

How Do I Get Registrant Information Or Edit My Race?
We have an easy to use backend that you can use to export registrant data or update the race listing.

Can I List My Race On Active Too?
We encourage it, but you cannot offer registration on Active or any other site without our consent and we must be the default registration partner in most circumstances. A big part of this service is promotional and if we promote the race and people register on another site – we get cut out and that stinks. We like the Cool RunningRunners World, and Running In The USA calendars too.

What If I Need More?
We want to do whatever we can to help your race. You might want to check out our Race Management or Electronic Timing pages.

How Do I Get Started?
Please email  theteam@NYCRUNS.com for more information about our professional  services. You can also call us at 917.482.4401.